Welcome to the Singalongz world! The home of your cute, cuddly singing friends!

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Cobey the bear was born to sing! He has a BIG deep voice for the big occasion and is always happy to sing along with you!

Cobey is more than just a singing bear. Ready to go on any adventure and bundles of fun, honey loving Cobey will rock any stage!

Me-me the cat is a singing diva! When she hears a tune, she simply has to sing along!

But Me-me is more than just a copycat! She is a trendy puss with an eye for style. Always looking glam for the show!

Dally the duck loves to sing! With a unique voice which makes her stand out from the crowd, Dally will always sing along!

Dally is more than just a singing duck. She has a heart of gold, loves to cuddle and chat. She might be a little ditzy but when it comes to the show, she will never let you down!

Ruftey the dog is a born entertainer! With a crazy voice, he's always excited to sing along with you!

Ruftey is more than just a yappy chap. This cuddly pup loves to play, whether its video games, gadgets or fun activities outside. Ruftey brings his energy to the stage!